Here's an email I received today, to go along with the one entitled "PMS NO MORE" (HERE and below). The are two wonderful examples and samples of what is happening for people dedicated to their awakening process.
Last year, and in 2012, I was writing about catching the train to 5D (with a short transfer in 4D). Looks like people are starting to arrive at the station, now.

Here's the newest email:

All you tell me, teach me, share with me, starts out as theory until I experience it. Even though it's theory, it resonates as true, so there isn't much conflict coming from ME, of course plenty from my EGO
Yesterday I was staring at the sea around twilight and clearly heard a voice say - "Everything's going to work out, get used to it." - something you have said and written about many times. 
However, yesterday I experienced it, and I could feel how vast the adjustment within me was. I could also feel the stillness of my ego and it's discomfort with having nothing to do. I felt the shifting happening. What a strange feeling not to struggle, like a fast train finally stopping, not knowing yet, and with no desire to know."

Here's the previous one:

"Hi Peter,
I hope you are well! I'm amazed at what I'm capable of doing with my-self when I meditate and shift the ego to "retired mode." Just wanted to let you know that the meditation re my menstrual cycle has kicked in! I'm experiencing it with "grace and ease" (without popping pain killers). I know it's because I'm more in touch with my physical body and truly believe that I'm the sole creator of my health status. Ah, feels so good! I was telling my boyfriend the other day, my life has gotten so much better since I stopped believing in the God above and started believing in the God within me. Life is good!
Thank you so much! I'm off to create some money!"

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