This is an email I received from someone who really used to suffer from PMS and debilitating cramps and other symptoms every month. She has not only made the shift to 5D, but she has been really doing her self-work on the way. And the work works!

Here's her letter:

"Hi Peter,
I hope you are well! I'm amazed at what I'm capable of doing with my-self when I meditate and shift the ego to "retired mode."  Just wanted to let you know that the meditation re my menstrual cycle has kicked in! I'm experiencing it with "grace and ease" (without popping pain killers). I know it's because I'm more in touch with my physical body and truly believe that I'm the sole creator of my health status. Ah, feels so good! I was telling my boyfriend the other day, my life has gotten so much better since I stopped believing in the God above and started believing in the God within me. Life is good!  
Thank you so much! I'm off to create some money!"

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