As talked about and written about previously, if you're reading this, you're in 5D. You've made the dimensional shift to a higher vibration of consciousness along with the entire planet (a first for the Universe!). However, you may be experiencing and witnessing things that seem an awful lot like 3D (i.e. - conflicts, limitations, negativity, etc.), and likewise, you may still feel in the grip of your ego, or bombarded by other people's lower selves.

Well, take heart.

You and the world around you have indeed shifted. And the new 5D operating system is installed. But... during this adjustment period, you will be receiving opportunities to practice the new rules of 5D as outlined HERE.

Here's how it works:

A situation might occur in your current life that in the past would have seemed to thwart the fulfillment of your intentions, deny the validity of your desires, frustrate you, or otherwise cause you to suffer. In the past (3D, in other words), your response to those situations would be to get angry, anxious or despondent, and either try to force an outcome, or hopelessly give up on what you desired. That's what the workings of your lower self in 3D looked like.

Now, however, by applying the new rules of 5D, you can allow your Higher Self direct access through you to handle any situation, to create events differently, and reinvent who you are in any given moment. The "catch" is that you have to truly allow your Higher Self to run the show, understanding that you may not always understand the nuances of how it works, because our physical brain cannot see the big picture, and the outcomes designed by you Higher Self may not look exactly the way your intellect pictured it. Nonetheless, the "new plan" will always be for your greater good than your personality self's original plan. Always!

Case in point...

My partner and I were bound on Friday for a 4-day vacation in the Caribbean. She and I had been looking forward to the experience for several months. All seemed to be going smoothly when we booked the package, well in advance, with a travel agent we'd used before without a hitch. As always, the agent asked us if we wanted to purchase cancellation insurance, so we wouldn't lose any money if we had to cancel the trip for some unforeseen reason. As always, I was about to decline, but for some reason, I said yes, we'd purchase the insurance this time. (That "for some reason" impulse to do something you don't usually do, by the way, is usually a nudge from your Higher Self.)

Shortly after booking, came the first message: there was an infectious virus, carried by mosquitos, that was especially prevalent on the island of St. Martin, which was where we were going. After some research, reflecting and talking to the hotel people there, we decided we would still take the trip, knowing that if we really weren't supposed to go, our Higher Selves would inform us in no uncertain terms.

So, cut to the chase, and cut to Friday morning, through no "fault" of our own, and through a combination of nefarious overbooking and bumping practices at Delta Airlines, and through some actions by what we later realized were "angels" at the airport, our vacation in the Caribbean was cancelled.

But here's the thing, and here's how it works - My partner and I knew this was an opportunity to practice the 5D rules, so while other bumped passengers were screaming and crying in rage and despair, trying to force the issue (unsuccessfully, by the way), we not only stayed calm, but we considered that we weren't supposed to go on that particular trip, and we believed that we didn't need to suffer due to the change of plans.

Well, not only did we get all of our vacation money refunded, thanks to the "unusual" move of getting cancellation insurance, but we additionally received a nice sum of money from Delta as compensation for the inconvenience, which we thought we would use towards a fund for a trip to Italy we'd been hoping to make in the near future. So, four hours later, we were back home from the airport, with more money in hand than we'd left with, and with four days off from work ahead of us.

With a weather report of 70 degrees, we're walking in the park every day, playing tennis, going to our favorite local restaurants, or trying out new recipes at home, and all-in-all, having a lovely vacation where we were meant to be all along.

And as far as those potentially infectious mosquitos...? Only our Higher Selves know for sure.

Some vacation pics -

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