Come again, PL? Gratitude in advance?

Yes, that's right. We're conditioned to only experience gratitude for what has already happened, or for what is happening, but as Dr. Joe Dispenza is fond of saying...

"Gratitude is the highest form of receivership."

And that means...?

Dr. Joe, a neuroscientist, biochemist and doctor of chiropractic medicine, is on a very unique and powerful crusade to demonstrate the validity of all the truths and principles of mysticism, metaphysics and spirituality... through science, with evidence that even the guys in laboratories with white coats can see. So, when Dispenza says that gratitude is the highest form of receivership, he is not speaking metaphorically or poetically; he means that experiencing gratitude for what you are creating in the "quantum field of potentials" (in energy or "spirit" form) that hasn't yet manifested in physical form, in matter, is magnetized and drawn to you by the powerful emotion of gratitude.

So, here's how you do it -

You clear yourself of old beliefs and emotional addictions, through self-awareness, freeing up emotions, deep breathing and conscious intention. Then, you let go of your attachments to ideas of identity and to other people, places and things and enter the quantum field, where you are simply and powerfully pure consciousness. After resting in that void, which  so many irrationally fear, you then create in thought what you desire to experience in physical reality. And you stay there until you can actually feel what it would feel like to be in that life, until you feel the deep gratitude in your body for what is to come, before it's manifested in form. And then, of course, you let go and stay open.

It's what James Earl Jones' character meant in "Field of Dreams" when he said:

"Build it and they will come."

Create what you desire from a clear intention, with all sincerity... and it will come.

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