"We would like to start encouraging you to work more with the idea of 5-D creation, which simply involves alignment of frequency. You are that thing you wish to create. You are already that which you seek to become. You need only remove these filters, these false perceptions, these judgments that you have concerning who you think you are and the stories that you are telling yourself. We see many of you are pushing energetically to get to the other side, to that 5-D level, and it is absolutely vital that you let go of that push to get there. The underlying need is almost always fear based. You are holding judgment about where you are and your current reality. As we always tell you, you have to accept where you are to change where you are. The desire to run from your current situation will always call more of that frequency to you. Anytime you are thinking about the future or the past, you are siphoning off energy."

"If you are bored, you are not in the Now."

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