"There often comes a moment, in the heat of your desperation, when you call a “time-out.” And you withdraw from the cyclone of illusion that swirls around you. And you find, after all that drama, that the stillness within is still there waiting. It never left. You did. And you scattered a mind-boggling trail of chaos behind you. So that, when all else fails—as it inevitably does—you would find your way home."

"You will continue to manifest life circumstances that will put your understandings to the test, long after you have mastered them in theory. For, until these issues are ingrained as knowingness to the extent that they become your reflex responses, you will continue to manifest opportunities to strengthen those new patterns of reaction. By being fully conscious of what you are doing in those moments when you feel those old familiar buttons being pushed, you can begin to dissipate the vibrational charge that is drawing those kinds of circumstances to you."

"For, when life is working for you, it cannot be to the detriment of another being. That’s not how it works. Choices that give the illusion of putting your back against the wall are the very tests that hold the potential of monumental breakthroughs for all concerned. When you honor your own truth, unconditionally, it sets the stage for a chain reaction of transformation, all the way around."

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