"It would have been easy for you to arrange to birth yourself into circumstances where today’s newfound understandings were already at hand. And you might have spared yourself much anguish, and effort, and time, had you chosen to write your life script in that way. Yet, had you done so, you would have denied yourself the firsthand experience of the dramatic contrasts that are now so vivid for you. To have lived through the poignancy of your key episodes has served to underscore for you the revelations of this experience of spiritual breakthrough.

"Had you not had the taste of the bitter as well as the sweet, you would have emerged with a theoretical understanding, supported only by your observations of the trials and tribulations in the lives of others. And while you ultimately come to bask in the exultation of your Divine connectedness when that state is at hand, the profound intensity of that experience is that much more vivid by virtue of the contrast your life dramas have provided.

"It is far easier to understand the nature of another person’s pain, having lived it yourself. Now, as you begin to emerge from the illusion of the adversity of separation, and the circumstances of your life reflect that vibrational shift, you are able to empathize with others who remain in the throes of that kind of experience. Having crawled out of the dark night of your own soul’s journey, it is easier for you to recognize the truth underlying the nightmares of another. Having watched your own dreams thwarted and your sand castles leveled by the unrelenting seas of your own life script, you can feel vicariously the levels of disappointment and despair that others around you are living as they bear the waves that crash upon their shores. You have built for yourself the foundation for the experience of compassion, by having watched illustration after illustration of your worst fears come to life. For you would not have had the basis for reaching out to another being living at the depths of his drama, had you not been given the chance to experience those levels yourself."

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