This is the first of the "top eight whoppers we’ve made up about God," from the book, "E-SQUARED," by Pam Grout:

"Whopper #1: God is a him. Even though the progressive churches sometimes refer to God as she, the Field of Infinite Potentialities (FP) doesn’t really have a gender. We certainly don’t talk about Mrs. Electricity or Mr. Gravity. The more appropriate pronoun would be 'It.' The FP is a force field that runs the universe, the same energy source that grows flowers, forms scabs over skinned knees, and constantly pushes for wholeness. God is more like the Force in Star Wars, a presence that dwells within us, a principle by which we live. That’s why Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader have become such a phenomenon. Star Wars is a myth that speaks to us at a deep, gut level. Some part of us knows that 'the Force' is with us and that we, through our words, thoughts, and deeds, create the world."

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