For those of you born 50 years ago or more ("First Wavers"), this will be poignant. Your journey is and has been unique in a way that only other First Wavers will understand. You've been through a lot! As Oneness puts it, you are the "midwives who are assisting with the birthing of a new reality."

For those of you born three or four decades ago ("Second Wavers"), yours has been an observational tour of a changing landscape. You are the curious chroniclers.

For you most recently arrived to Planet Earth ("Third Wavers"), the world to come is yours!

To all of you, enjoy the ride!

This is one of my favorite passages from "Oneness," by Rasha. It speaks to the extraordinary times we are living in, that of humanity making a dimensional shift in consciousness that affects all aspects of life, now and to come.

Here's Oneness:

"Generations to come may speculate on what it was like to be alive in these times. For, your history will allude to conditions that they will not be able to comprehend. The world as you know it will undergo radical transformations in the times to come. And the foundation upon which you have built your understandings of the nature of your reality will have changed so dramatically that one would be apt to question whether it was the same world at all.

Indeed, that is the very nature of the process. For the world as you know it to be is, in fact, dematerializing in the wake of the momentum that is driving all Creation. The changes are taking form in subtle increments. And often one does not even notice that a significant shift has occurred. But, from the perspective of a broader vision, one will be able to look back upon these times with wonderment. And those of you who will have retained your physical form will have fascinating stories to tell as to how these changes came to be.

Younger beings, who will only be able to imagine life under such conditions, will marvel at how such memories are even possible. You, whose very presence will attest to the extent of the journey in consciousness humankind has undertaken, see these days of transformation from a markedly different perspective. For, collectively, you are the midwives who are assisting with the birthing of a new reality. Your willingness to be in physical form during these changes is an act of courage. For, it would have been far easier to wait until the dust had settled and simply manifest into more favorable circumstances.

You, who read these words, are among those who chose to experience the transformational journey in physical form and to have the experience of physical ascension. Future generations will have made preparations for incarnation into a dramatically different world. Their natural inclination to be less reactive reflects the fact that many of these younger beings have a dramatically different vibrational constitution than you do. Their energy fields are not cluttered with unresolved emotional blockages, and life for the young, in general, flows more smoothly than it did for you at their stage of development.

The beings now incarnating into your reality are, themselves, representations of an interim stage in the evolution of the being who will, ultimately, populate your world. Their perceptions seem clearer, at times, than your conditioning permits yours to be. And they are puzzled as to why the older generations seem to struggle with their lives, when they do not appear to manifest so much conflict in theirs.

These beings have incarnated at vibrational levels that are in harmony with the conditions now prevalent in your world, whereas, you incarnated at vibrational levels from which your reality has ascended. In keeping up with the pace of those changes, you have systematically shed the layers of density that were designed to keep you grounded at levels you have transcended. And for you, the process will be ongoing, as long as you retain your present physical form.

In the process, you are able to confront and release the karmic constraints that contribute to that vibrational density. And your conscious awareness of that process was the opportunity for which you chose this physical incarnation. The beings who will be incarnating in human form in the times soon to come will have a natural affinity for the world of nature. They will be able to communicate easily with the other life forms that populate your reality, and their easy interaction with these other forms of intelligence will set the stage for the air of peace and harmony that will prevail. That harmonization is characteristic of an orientation based on a sense of Oneness, not only with one’s fellow human beings, but with all life. The beings now in their physical infancy will exhibit abilities that would have been considered most unusual, not long ago. These beings are incarnating fully equipped to cope in a world that neither you nor they have seen, as yet."

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