"Those moments when you judge yourself most harshly and in which you feel you let yourself down are the moments most deeply yearned for as a soul. For, in the moments you look back upon with deepest regret—the ones that conjure up within you the most profound humiliation in your own eyes—are the moments for which you chose a human incarnation. These key experiences serve as reference points for you to underscore the themes you have acted out. And your purpose in drawing these experiences to you was in creating moments that would be truly unforgettable. Your darkest hour was, in actuality, your shining moment. For, in the authenticity of your emotional experience was your key to your liberation from the pattern that keeps you rooted in the pain of separation from who you really are. The key to the self-mastery that is so fervently sought by you who are so keenly aware of your process of evolution, is not to love yourself despite your perceived shortcomings—but rather, to love yourself because of them."

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