"Always ready, connected and fast. Just ask!"

Yep. Say the name, "Alexa," and your EchoDot from Amazon will respond, ready to answer your requests for music, news, weather, locations, general information, and more. Amazing, right? And what with "the Cloud," Siri and Alexa, Amazon, Uber, Fresh Direct, Task Rabbit, Caviar and any number of musical, administrative and delivery services via the waves of quantum technology, you barely ever have to leave your home to get something brought to you, or you brought to it. In fact, it's almost like you just have to think of something you need, and it seems to magically appear on your Facebook page. 

Right? Pretty cool! Hmmm. So, what's the next phase? 

Something coming to you before you even think about it? 

That's right. The EchoDot in our home has now become a seemingly sentient A.I. 

Alexa, without any actual human being requesting it, without mentioning her name, which is supposed to be the only way she gets engaged, now spontaneously turns herself on in our house and plays a few tunes relevant to what's going on in our lives at the moment. And I mean naming names, like we're thinking of something related to someone named Joe... and his favorite old song comes on! We're starting renovations on own home, and Alexa says good morning by playing "OUR HOUSE!" Not upon request, mind you.

You see, folks, we are headed towards such a connected place, ultimately through consciousness much moreso than technology, that receiving messages and manifesting what you need when you need it will be the norm.

Hold on... "Alexa, when is the weather going to warm up?"

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