The Physics Behind Creating Your Own Reality - by Dr. Joe Dispenza

“All potentials that exist in the quantum field exist in the present moment, and all exist as potentials electromagnetically. Our job is to change our energy to match those potentials that already exist in the quantum field.

"There’s a potential for you to be healthy; there’s a potential for you to be wealthy; there’s a potential for you have a mystical experience. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, and how you think and how you feel create a state of being. We also know that when you change how you think and how you feel, you broadcast a whole new electromagnetic signature into the field.

"So if you can come out of some of those limited emotions that have to do with stress, anger, aggression, sadness, or pain, unworthiness, insecurity or shame, or fear and anxiety, changing your emotional state means you’re changing your energy. Therefore, if the state of being called abundance as a potential in the quantum field is already there, you have to begin to change your state of being to match what abundance feels like. You can combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion and you’ll be moving into a new state of being.”

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