Ahh... vacations! Just like other forms of pleasure and fun, vacations, however short, should not to be taken lightly. They are more than just breaks from our routines and careers. Vacations can remind of us how to live well - fresh air, plenty of rest, exercise, our favorite foods and time to reflect in solitude and communicate with our loved ones without the habitual pressures we create around those routines and careers. The more we can incorporate bits of our lifestyle during vacations into the rest of our year, the healthier and happier we'll be. Try it out. You can take mini-vacations everyday - a nap here, a health walk there, cook a favorite meal once a week, turn off the TiVo and talk to your partner about something that means something to you, and of course... have great sex!
Yes, everything fulfilling in our lives, everything that works the way it should springs from that healthy, happy place. So, take a vacation tomorrow. Take one every day. And when you get back to your work-like stuff you'll feel like I do right now - Great to be back!

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