I know the only way you could know this is true would be to ask people I've talked to about it, but this is the truth: weeks ago, I said McCain would not show up for the debates. I knew it. He couldn't. He would be so badly exposed, it would be too humiliating for such a volatile character.
The Republican Party proper - the members of the administration and congress and Wall Street who have fleeced the country bare over the last 8 years - never had any interest in this election. They're done. Their as rich as kings, they're well into middle age, and they all knew that our trashed economy and ruined reputation around the world that they were leaving behind would make this election a washout for their party.
And John McCain was the perfect sacrifice because the fat cats in the GOP never liked him anyway, even though he tried foolishly to do their bidding.
Going back over a year ago to the Republican debates, I remember thinking, the Republicans have given up this year. They're taking their money, their golden parachutes and hitting the beach. When McCain came back from the dead to win the primaries, I knew it. He'd never go the distance.
See ya.

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