You wouldn't believe what I hear. On a daily basis, I hear from people who are in painfully unfulfilling relationships or careers, or are experiencing disastrous financial meltdowns, or suffering from debilitating or humiliating health problems, sometimes all of the above, and yet, and yet... they consider therapy a luxury, somewhere in between tennis lessons and a dental cleaning.
I'm not kidding. Even people who dare to communicate with the likes of me, knowing what I know, saying what I say, writing what I write, I still have people regularly telling me that they don't have the time or money for therapy. Are you kidding me?!
No wonder the country is actually considering by such a close margin whether to vote for Barack Obama or the Flintstones. No wonder so many people have no necks. No wonder so many people still think chemotherapy and radiation constitutes healing. No wonder nobody is having wonderful, soul-quenching sex. No wonder our kids are so gutted of their sense of self.
Therapy a luxury? Yeah, like breathing or eating is a luxury. If the people who know me think therapy is a luxury, what is the rest of the country thinking? Whew!
Are you kidding me?!

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