This is a post from the FPL archives that was originally inspired over 4 years ago by the breaking stories about one Bernie Madoff, con artist supreme who bilked billions out of his investment clients.


Here's a beauty! A breaking news story tells the tale of a "Wall Street Wizard," one Bernard L. Madoff, who has bilked investors out of $50 billion over the last decade employing the old "Ponzi scheme" of using one person's money to pay off another person until you take the money and run, leaving the last ones in screwed.

So what? Just another story of corruption and deceit by another rich Wall Street psychopath? Right. The rich get rich and then get richer because they are scoundrels, crooks, liars, thieves, etc., right? Well, actually, no. The rich get rich and then richer because they don't fear being rich. Now, it is true that if they acquire their wealth through psychopathic manipulation, sooner or later their Higher Self will trip them up in a self-corrective collapse and exposure.

But my question to you this morning is this: Why aren't you rich?

Wouldn't it be a great message for the world if there were more heart-centered, honest, self-aware, emotionally and spiritually connected people who were wealthy? People who acquired their wealth by doing what they love to do with love, creating something of beauty or practical value with joy and brilliance? Wouldn't that feel like a Universe more in balance, more the way it should be?

Well, get on it, folks! Your resistance to abundance is exactly that. Money is not the root of all evil. Money is just a means of exchange, neutral in and of itself, so why are you allowing only the crooks and liars to have it? What are your fears of abundance or your fears that prevent abundance from coming to you?


"As long as you have fear, it is sometimes inevitable that you experience what you fear in order to lose the fear. If you desire health in a spirit of fearing sickness, you prevent health. If you fear the aging process, you prevent eternal youth. If you fear loneliness, you prevent real companionship. If you fear companionship, you prevent self-containment. So it goes on and on. If you fear poverty, you prevent abundance."

Read the rest of the lecture HERE.



...versus Rich!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. My "word of the year" for 2009 is "abundance" (word of the year is sort of like a resolution, but it's more just setting an intention/theme and a year is a convienient length of time).

This post appearing now was synchronistic and perfect. I'm guessing you posted it for me, right? ;)


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