When her father, Adam, became pinned under a Jeep Liberty SUV, Rachael Simmons, 22, somehow mustered the strength to lift the car off him, CBS Boston reported. Said jeep weighed-in at around 5,000 pounds.

Take a breath. You've all heard of stories like this. In a moment of non-thinking impulse, very often when a loved one is in harm's way, physical limitations are transcended and super-human feats are possible. These events have confounded those who trade strictly in linear, dualistic, 3D consciousness. They try to pass it off as "adrenaline" rushes or with some other pseudo-biological explanation. 

Right. 5,000 pounds. Adrenaline. Yeah, that's the ticket!

When I was a kid, we used to practice "levitation." We would lift up the largest member of our group of friends, using only 2 fingers. All we had to do, including the big guy, was focus on believing that he was "light as a feather," and up he went, over our heads with only 2 fingers each under him.

What makes such "impossible" feats possible? The suspension of our personal and collective beliefs in physical limitation, a suspension made easier by the power of protective love or the innocence of youth, but deep meditation can also accomplish such transcendence, allowing yogic masters to levitate themselves, walk on hot coals without getting burned, lie down on a bed of nails without being penetrated, etc. Like the placebo effect, which I have written about HERE, if we understand what these events tell us, it should change everything, because it points to this simple yet profound truth: 

We create our reality from our beliefs.

That's the message we are reminding ourselves of whenever we transcend physical limitations in such striking ways. The boundaries we have all believed in for so long, by collective agreement, are nothing more than the rules of the game we have been playing - 3rd dimensional physical life

Linear time, limited space, gravity, separateness from each other and All That Is... all no more "real" than we've agreed that they are. And of course, to keep the beliefs in these limitations in place effectively, so we could thoroughly experience the 3D game, we have had to suppress out of awareness the fact that the rules are indeed just beliefs.

The recent shift to 5th dimensional consciousness has begun the awakening process and signaled the end of the game. We have played it out, and quite frankly become tired of limitation. Though we still remain physical, and still experience time as linear, space as limited, and gravity and separateness as real, the rigidity of those parameters and boundaries are noticeably loosening up. We can now more readily play with time and space as only the yogis have been able to do in the past, and we are becoming more and more aware of our oneness with others and the universe at large.

This should be fun, folks! 

Oh, and just a word of caution: work on making your beliefs conscious before you try this at home...

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