Here's Rick:

"I am flattered to think you knew your suspect assertions would flush me out. Grazie!

Think, process then speak/write is what I always tell my students. Maybe you should have let the coffee kick in before you penned your response.

Sorry to disappoint you PL, nothing in my writing indicated that I reject affirmative action, reparations or any other policy/initiative aimed achieving equality or making any group whole. I actually wrote they are worthy!! To make the assertion that I "detest" these policies clearly indicates either your lack of honesty, narrow characterization or hopefully just a senior moment. Your response reads like, "He opposes my view so he probably has a Swastika tattooed on his chest and is a skinhead." I’ve tussled with people who employ manipulative political speak and have publicly debated people who have tried to put me in a box to boost their own position. I’m no stranger to such tactics and I do applaud your effort but I’m throwing the BS flag on you."


Well, Rick, if I misconstrued these words from you - "Judge Sotomayor's decision to support the disallowance of test scores in hiring firefighters can only be construed as racist. The reason the city ignored this practice is that it feared a lawsuit because actually hiring the most qualified would mean no blacks would get hired. Sooooo, it was a race based decision. MLK would cringe at this. You can say the end justifies the means. Get more blacks on staff. Affirmative action. Those are certainly worthy, but racist nonetheless." - then, indeed, I'll stand corrected.
But you might have some 'splainin' to do!

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