Not too long ago, like back in the dark ages of 2004, a President never would have stood up on national television and declared that a police sergeant acted "stupidly" by arresting a black man in his own home because he was angry about having his private premises invaded by the authorities erroneously. Never would have happened. The old guys back in the Cretaceous Administration would have spun this just the way my dear friend, Rick, tried to, blowing the encounter off by framing it as "a pompous blowhard 'Do you know who I am?' guy (Professor Gates) verses a working class, 'I'm not taking your guff' cop" (Crowley).

But you see the Flintstones aren't in power anymore. They've been ousted by a populous that has woken up, come of age, finally had enough of the denigrating labeling of anyone who has an education higher than the back of a cereal box as an elitist or a "pompous blowhard," and likewise, the majority of the public know longer falls for the bogus, jingoistic attributing to the "working class" (the term itself hijacked by the elitists in the GOP who exploit the genuine working class) of some kind of higher morality or righteousness (except perhaps self-righteousness). We have seen Joe The Plumber, the Republicans recent "working class" hero, and his name isn't Joe and he's not even a plumber, and as Meghan McCain said: "Joe the Plumber - you can quote me - is a dumbass!"No, not this time, folks. The "birthers," "tea baggers," secessionists, the just-say-no-to-everything-Obama-wants crowd is in its death throws, but like the dinosaurs after the comet hit, they still don't know that their extinction is imminent, so they continue to bellow in raging confusion. They are actually trying to call a "reverse racism" foul on Sonya Sotomayor, for instance, as if the oxymoronic phrase actually makes sense. Racism against racists isn't racism, boys. It's called corrective action, antidote, justice, unless of course, one thinks that if the Jews in Nazi Germany had somehow risen up and exterminated the Nazi's they'd have been guilty of "reverse-genocide."

The comet has hit, boys, and it was the election of 2008. Happy extinction!

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