I'm guessing that many of you aren't paying too much attention to the health care debate raging in certain sectors of our society right now. Why would you? If you're a regular reader of FPL, chances are you are more focused on preventative and alternative approaches to your health than to the slash, burn and drug approach to sickness promulgated by the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance cartel.

Chances are you may not even have health insurance, or if you do, you've collected very little of what you or your employer have paid into your plan for any kind of actual treatment.

Think about it.

Private insurance companies are in the business, like all private enterprise in a capitalist economy, of making profits. [Dictionary definition of Capitalism: "an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit."] For an insurance company to make a profit, it has to pay you less for any medical services you desire or actually receive than you pay to it in premiums. Otherwise, no profit.

Why do you think the health care industry right now is spending a million dollars a day to lobby against the "Public Option" proposed by President Obama. The public option would allow you to choose free or very inexpensive publicly financed health insurance if you wanted to. Get it? You could still choose private insurance coverage, but unless you're wealthy and like throwing money away, why would you?

This is from a piece on the internet this morning about the multimillion-dollar ad campaign designed to derail health care reform—especially the public option, which would set up a government-run plan to compete with private insurers:

"The man behind this ad blitz is the person who might be Public Option Enemy No. 1, a long-time perpetrator against health care sanity, one-time hospital executive and longtime Republican donor Richard Scott. Scott certainly is an odd spokesman for the right's health care agenda. The giant hospital company Scott led in the 1980s and 1990s, Columbia/HCA, was the subject of a seven-year federal investigation. The probe concluded with the company pleading guilty to 14 felony counts of criminal misconduct and paying $1.7 billion to settle civil charges relating to overbilling of state and federal governments—the largest settlement of its kind in American history. Scott, claiming ignorance of what was going on, was booted by his own board in 1997 and received a $10 million golden parachute with $300 million in stock options for his troubles.

That we live in a society where the health of its citizens is secondary to the profits of corporate psychopaths is, as I have said for years, the scandal of the millennium, and responsible for untold atrocities committed every day in hospitals and doctors offices.

I haven't had any kind of health insurance for over a decade, now, folks. When I tell some people that, they are shocked, because I obviously work and could pay for it. Even more shocking to some is that I haven't been to a medical doctor for a "check-up" or for any kind of "illness" in over fifteen years.


Well, regarding insurance, besides the fact that the companies in question are aligned against supporting my health, so-called "health insurance" is a "negative meditation." In order for you, the insured, to benefit from having insurance, you have to get sick! Otherwise, you're throwing your money away. So, the incentive for you in having insurance is to get sick, so you can collect on what you've paid in.

Regarding doctors, again, the motivation of the profession as a whole is profit, not healing or prevention, and the methodologies employed, disguised by elaborate technology, are medieval at best, evil at worst. Doctors take a "snapshot" of your body in any given moment, and then from that static picture diagnose you with a "disease" or "condition" that is inevitably only said to be treatable with toxic drugs or invasive surgery - oh - or occasionally, deadly radiation! The establishment medical profession infiltrates our psyches with a view of nature and the human body as inherently flawed and dangerous to our well-being, a sadistic, insidious message that so many of us are hypnotized by early on in life. We are taught not to believe in our body's ability to heal itself through nature, so we turn to jaded, arrogant, greedy, and often, incompetent doctors to help us fight against nature.

I am a man in my fifties. I lived many of those years confined in a damaging character structure, like all of us, and also, like all of us, I lived and still live in a world full of human-made pollutants and poisons that are often unavoidably ingested into our bodies. I have done something about the character structure problem (through some long, hard years of self-work), and as much as possible, I do something about the toxicity problem (eating as much fresh, organic, good food as possible, and regularly cleansing my body with nutritional/herbal programs), but still, I bear some of the ravages of life on Earth in the 20th Century.

But I am in touch with my body, which means I am in touch with my feelings and my intuitive "sixth sense," and I am open in my mind, no longer under the spell of the beliefs and dogma I was fed by institutional scoundrels for most of my young life. So, therefore, I trust that I can diagnose any symptom in myself, and intuit what the best natural treatment is for myself, and on the occasions that the puzzle seems complex, I can do the research and figure it out without a multi-thousand-dollar C.A.T. scan or battery of assaultive, exorbitantly expensive tests.

Hey! Even better than the Public Option, folks, is the self-empowered, self-actualized option.

Think about it.

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