Here's LOFF56:

Interestingly, when I first heard of the "controversy" a few days ago, my first thought was, "I think I remember Reagan doing this once when I was in school", and sure enough after a 30 second Google search there it was: a speech by Ronald Reagan on November 14th, 1988! Google it, there were more too, one by Bush Sr. and Jr.
It's infuriating that these people who are calling for parents to withhold their kids from school during the Obama speech are conveniently leaving out the historical context. Some of them saying that it's the first time in history that a President will address school children. I can't imagine that their memories are just faulty. I'm not even a politician, I was ten years old when it happened, and I remembered that Reagan did it!!!
This one's pretty plain and simple - these guys are literately banking on the stupid, sheepish nature of the people that listen to them to believe something that a 30 second Google search will prove is completely false.
And to the parents that will actually follow through on this, (and you know there will be plenty), e-mail me; I've got a bridge to sell in Brooklyn!!!


You know, L56, it's probably easier to understand the psychopathy of the crooks and liars who want to destroy Obama for fear that anything they want to do might actually get regulated a bit, though so far that doesn't seem to be much of a threat coming out of this White House. But what is harder, perhaps, to understand is the level of primal fear of The Other that so riddles the childish, brain-dysfunctional set that follows the instructions and dictates of the psychopaths. I don't think they could do a 30-second Google search, L56. They're frozen. Terrified. A NEGRO is president, see? How did that happen?! It's the end of the world as they know it, and they don't feel fine. So, they can believe without any evidence that the duly-elected President of the United States is secretly not an American,but that he's a Communist, and he's going to kill their grandmothers and brainwash their children. This is some scary cartoon or B movie they saw when they were kids where the Body Snatchers take their life and families away.

This is beyond gullibility.

The Brooklyn Bridge? That's in Sodom as far as these folks are concerned. What these people are being sold is that Texas could be a country!!!????????!


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Nice try, wingnut! Here's a link for you: http://screwloosechange.blogspot.com/2009/04/obama-deception-debunked-part-i.html

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