Below is an Op-Ed piece from this morning's NY Times on the inane and obscene, even nauseating efforts of racist, demented right wingers who don't want President Obama acknowledged as president. "Socialist" has now become the secret code-word for "BLACK!" Be honest, folks! As much as some people detested the psychopathic, ignorant, faux cowboy who was President George W. Bush, people didn't attempt to stop school-children from hearing what he had to say (See the picture below from 9/11/01!). In fact, in my household, when our children would say things like "George Bush is a bad man because he likes war," I would correct them and say that because we didn't agree with him on things doesn't mean he's a bad man. What do you think? Do you think that parents on the brain-addled right are offering that kind of opportunity for their children to learn things in an open-minded way? (P.S. - at age 8 and 11, my kids don't read my blog.)

Here's the Times piece:

"The American right has directed many silly and offensive attacks at President Obama. But so far nothing compares with the news that right-wing demagogues on talk radio and the Web, along with Republican Party officials, are trying to stop children from hearing the president urge them to stay in school — because, they say, that is socialist propaganda.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise after a summer in which town hall meetings on health care have been turned into mindless shouting matches, where protesters parade guns and are cheered on by elected officials. Not only Sarah Palin, but people who know better — like Senator Charles Grassley — have been tossing around the fiction that Mr. Obama is planning to institute “death panels” to speed the infirm elderly to their ends.

Still, it was startling to read in Friday’s Times about the overheated and bizarre response to Mr. Obama’s plan to give a speech in a Virginia school next week that schools around the country also can show.

The White House says Mr. Obama will talk about the importance of education — hardly, we hope, a controversial topic. But the article said that in a growing number of school districts, especially in Texas, parents, talk-show hosts and some Republican officials are demanding that schools either refuse to show it or allow parents to keep their children home. The common refrain is that Mr. Obama will offer a socialist message — although nobody said what they meant by that.

There is, of course, nothing socialist in any of Mr. Obama’s policies, as anyone with a passing knowledge of socialism and its evil history knows. But in this country, unlike actual socialist countries, nobody can be compelled to listen to the president. What is most disturbing about all this is what it says about the parents — and the fact that they have such little regard for their children’s intelligence and ability to think." Anyone remember this?!


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Interestingly, when I first heard of the "controversy" a few days ago, my first thought was, "I think I remember Reagan doing this once when I was in school", and sure enough after a 30 second Google search there it was: a speech by Ronald Reagan on November 14th, 1988! Google it, there were more too, one by Bush Sr. and Jr.
It's infuriating that these people who are calling for parents to withhold their kids from school during the Obama speech are conveniently leaving out the historical context. Some of them saying that it's the first time in history that a President will address school children. I can't imagine that their memories are just faulty. I'm not even a politician, I was ten years old when it happened, and I remembered that Reagan did it!!!
This one's pretty plain and simple - these guys are literately banking on the stupid, sheepish nature of the people that listen to them to believe something that a 30 second Google search will prove is completely false.
And to the parents that will actually follow through on this, (and you know there will be plenty), e-mail me; I've got a bridge to sell in Brooklyn!!!

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