Here's Auntlori:

There is no such thing as "playing God." There are no heroic (sp?) measures that can keep you alive, if it is your time to go. I believe our time here is predetermined, but what we do with that time, is entirely up to us. I learned this lesson first hand a number of years ago after walking away from a car accident that should have killed me, my dog and my cat!

My SUV spun out of control on a patch of black ice on a bridge. When the car reached the end of the bridge, it rolled 5 times down a wooded embankment. The car did not once strike one of the trees, every window was shattered except those where I was seated, and the car simply came to a stop, on its side, in the middle of the hill. All I suffered was a broken nose; the dog and cat, who were tossed all over and never went out one of the windows, were fine.

There is no reason I should have survived, except that "my number" wasn't up! So, ultimately, doctors and families can intervene; however, it won't change the outcome. You go when it's your time to go. "You do what you gotta do"-whether that be a fight to survive, a suicide, or some dramatic accident, and your families do what they "gotta" do.

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