Here's Hartkitt:

Wait, PL, isn't Diva Carla actually advocating thinking dualistically? To just accept or even celebrate that men are manly in the work force and women are womanly in relationships and never the twain shall meet?

I'm with A2Person on this one. Every discussion in which the Great Truths about Men and Women are touted is overtly placing those who don't fit into this grand black and white scheme in the not-quite-normal category.

There are many ways to be in a complimentary relationship with another human and they don't all have to be along the masculine/feminine axis, even between a man and a woman. The classic archetypes are comforting because of their familiarity but that doesn't make them right for the way we live our lives today. Today's society means that we live with people who are not like us and part of that process is understanding that many people live perfectly valid lives that don't actually fit our cherished archetypes (or stereotypes.)

It is NOT time to stop expecting men to function like humans and not automatons in relationships and it is NOT time to expect women to go home and stop bothering the big boys at the office. It's time for each individual to be able to arrive at their own comfort spot on the continuum of sexual identity or to even accept that some people pick and choose one thing or another. Or even that someone can be masculine and feminine all at the same time because they aren't mutually exclusive eternal opposites.

Lip service to sex role and gender fluidity is not the same thing as having it permeate your understanding of the human condition.

Here's PL:

I hear you, HK. As I said in response to Diva Carla: "Yes, if we aren't thinking dualistically, any two individuals can simultaneously celebrate their differences and the aspects in which they are similar, without needing to try and change the other." This was intended as a statement beyond gender identification, of course, and I'm not sure that DC was saying something other than that, but it's certainly a worthy discussion.

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