The entire Gulf of Mexico has basically been destroyed for at least a generation. Our financial system, our educational institutions, our medical establishment and our infrastructure are all in shambles, hopelessly gutted from corruption and incompetence beyond repair. In addition, we have uselessly been mired in two wars in the middle east for going on a decade, now, and oh, did I mention the rash of devastating hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanos, floods and tornados that have become a regular occurrence over the last half dozen years!

Ahh, life is good!

Or at least, let's say, "Life" is in charge and could be good if we let it.

As yesterday's "Today's Quote" below indicates, it has been foreseen that we would be heading towards this confluence of events for a long time, easily, since biblical times. How is it possible that such times as these could be predicted? Well, ultimately, any "psychic prediction" is a matter of tuning in to the intentions of those you're predicting for, and then to a certain degree interpreting what events those intentions will lead to. The stronger the intention the clearer the prediction.

So, you might imagine that collectively we intended for ourselves to be given wake-up calls at certain intervals, like setting our inner alarm clocks when we want to make shifts in our consciousness and experiences.

This is one of those times, folks.

All of the above-mentioned disasters are the the clanging of the alarm: "Now hear this! Time to wake up and shift into the next gear (dimension) everyone. Dualistic, linear, 3rd-dimensional reality is coming to a close. 4th dimensional oneness is upon us!"

There is no fixing the system as it is now, no matter how well-intentioned and intelligent any political leaders may be, no matter how angry or upset we may be at the calamities we have collectively created. Competition for resources through archaic economies, fear-based, dogmatic religions battling over the superiority of their primitive god-images, and even some constructs like "traditional marriage" and the "nuclear family" are about to become obsolete very fast. So is anything that is "institutionalized."

This is a time during which we are being called to create a whole new system, one that will replace the existing system entirely. And first and foremost, the changes will be facilitated by a shift in consciousness, one person at a time, ala "The Hundredth Monkey effect."

So, once again, I suggest to you that you get out your psychic surfboards, people, and make your move to ride the Wave.

I'm acting as your personal alarm clock here. Come on. It's time to get up!

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