"Sweet Curiosity" comments on PL's post: "THE SUN PREVENTS CANCER! OR WHY I HAVEN'T LISTENED..."/PL RESPONDS!

Here's SC:

I can't possibly agree with you more. I was told by a doctor that I had skin cancer, when in fact I dont believe I had it at all. I avoid doctors like the plague. I feel they push antibiotics I'm allergic to, and want to run tests I don't need, when I feel like a perfectly normal 36 year old. Any tips on finding a holistic non-chiropractic doctor would be much appreciated.

Here's PL:

It goes on and on, Sweet C. Think about this - the placebo effect, which I've written about before, is a known fact to all doctors. (Go HERE).

I taught about the placebo effect in my classes on creating reality and on health. This is one of those things, you see, where if it's true at all (and it's been a known medical fact for decades), it changes everything. It's your beliefs that determine your health. It's not the application of any particular treatments by a doctor, but rather your belief in the treatments that heals you. The medical establishment has been making billions of dollars doing things that only work if you believe they will. This is not New Age mumbo jumbo - every medical doctor knows this. It's been taught in medical schools since the 1950's! GET IT?! Modern western medicine is an elaborate hoax, mainly offering useless or toxic drugs and procedures that cost a fortune, when it is in fact nothing more than hypnotic suggestions that actually make you well, if and when you get well.

Furthermore, think about this - if the drugs doctors and Big Pharma gave you actually cured any disease, they would be a lot less profitable. So, there has to be a concerted effort to make drugs that only offer temporary symptom relief, otherwise... no enormous profits.

It goes on and on.

Thanks, Sweet Curiosity. And in terms of finding a holistic practitioner, trust your intuition, set your intention and put it out there that you want to find such a person and he or she will come.

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