According to one Dr. Erik Verlinde, a respected professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam, gravity is an illusion.

You can read the entire article in the New York Times about it HERE, but let me try and give my own understanding of it, and please note, I'm not at all speaking for Dr. Verlinde.

What any quantum physicist, and any genuine spiritual teacher, will tell you is that we create reality from our consciousness. The scientist will explain it in terms of particle physics and the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle," etc., the spiritual master in much more poetic, though not necessarily more understandable terms, but nonetheless, science and metaphysics seem to be coming together more and more these days, in conjunction with what I have referred to as The Wave sweeping though our planet.

So, if we create reality from our consciousness, why can't we just jump out the window and fly?

Well, the short answer is, technically, we can. Yogi's have been known to levitate during focused meditative states, and throughout history there have been reports of spiritual masters who could teleport from one place to the next or even be in more than one place at a time. (Okay, how many readers did I just lose here?)

But don't jump just yet, because here's the thing - three-dimensional physical life on planet Earth in a linear time continuum is the game we all agreed to play here, and while gravity is not a universal law, it is one of the rules we agreed to abide by. Again, like said yogis, any one individual could supersede the rules, but it would require a level of mental clarity in which gravity is fully understood to be an illusion as Dr. Verlinde proposes.

That being said, the useful information here is that even within the rules of the game, even if most of us can't fly or walk through walls or over hot coal without being burned, we can still get clear enough to change many aspects of our lives. In the areas of our health, relationships, finances, etc., we are all operating from erroneous beliefs that shape our reality in ways that do not fulfill us. With a genuinely-intentioned amount of self-work, one can change repetitive, negative thought patterns that attract unpleasant outcomes and inspire self-defeating behaviors.

Think about it.

I don't know about you, but if I can become healthy, wealthy and wise, and have a great love, Eros and sex-life, I'll be flying!

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