I've been talking about "The Wave" over the last year or so, that surge of energy that's been moving across the world causing "natural" and "man-made" disasters, on the one hand, leaving pain and hardship in its wake for many, while on the other hand, simultaneously sweeping many others rapidly forward towards a place of higher consciousness and fulfillment. What determines the ways in which one experiences the Wave is directly proportional to the level of openness to change and movement in each person. Where the Wave is taking its toll through hardships, generally it is meeting a closed system. Where the Wave is experienced as a welcomed shift by the individual, abundance, higher love and creative expression are generally the rule.

We can think of these two different places in "dimensional" terms. In the Third Dimension, the dimension where ego, will and intellect rule, the political and financial systems are rife with corruption and collapsing out from under us, the environment is getting wantonly assaulted beyond repair, nature is dangerous to our well-being, and competition, greed and violence are taken as endemic to being human. In the Third Dimension, shit happens. And it happens to you!

In the Fourth Dimension, shit never just happens. All "coincidences" are meaningful; serendipity, deja vu, intuitions, one's sixth sense, are all understood as natural aspects of creating reality. In fourth dimensional consciousness, all events are addressed by asking the same questions: "Why did I create this?" "Why did I attract this?" "What message is coming to me through these events" Etc. In Fourth Dimension reality, there are no victims, only creators, and instead of competition, greed and violence, there is collaboration, abundance and oneness.

Clearly, this is not a political, or politically correct, understanding I am sharing here, folks. Many on the right would consider the above some kind of New Age, "socialist" mumbo jumbo, while many on the left would say that I am abdicating responsibility and washing my hands of the disasters our fellow human beings have created. Neither is true. I am simply saying that we create our own reality, collectively, yes, but first and foremost, individually. If more and more of our species chose to individually rise up to a Fourth Dimensional level of consciousness, the wars and crimes against humanity perpetrated by us collectively would diminish much faster than they ever have or ever will through political or social movements, organized religions or systems of government.

The Wave is here, and it's a much better ride in the Fourth Dimension!


Blissmonger said...

Rock on! Peter, are you familiar with Abraham-Hicks material?

breane said...

We live in a time of great mind expansion, not only involving increased development of the three brains, but the development of a fourth brain. The new brain is still in the etheric stage;it still has not yet manifested in the physical. It relates to the intuitional-compassionate level, or fourth body, and has a spiritual conscienceness. Where the main attribute of the mental third brain to thinking, the main attribute of the fourth brain is "awaring." ...from Kundalini and the Chakras


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