ANONYMOUS wrote in a response to this comment by "sofarfrome" to PL on the Huffintgon Post:

Here's sofarfrome: “Are you still a psychotherapist? If so perhaps you should consider retiring. Experts like you give experts a bad name."

Here's ANONYMOUS: "Hey Professor Expert Tiger Dad,
Thanks for all the great laughs this morning. It has been a real treat.
If you retire, where are some of these perfect kids going to go in 10 years when their skulls are exploding and marriages failing?
I can only deduce that "sofarfrome" is in reference to one of her special ones moving 'far away from Mommy'.
Wow, wow, holy cow you really poked the hornets nest this time.
Thanks again for what will be at least an entire weekend of laughs for my girlfriend and I.
Keep on truckin'
PS I have already answered my own question from above. Please disregard. I am sure all of these "great kids" have great jobs and great doctors who are more than willing to prescribe them plenty of great legal drugs to get them through their not so great days and sexless nights."

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