Shakamazar on: "I Just Wish He Would Have An Affair!"/PL Responds!

Here's Shakamazar:

As I understand it -We all CREATE our own reality- which means we are creating these experiences for a reason -nothing is random or coincidence and nothing is "taken" from us without our consent. If your explanation were true - "Unexpectedly and for no apparent reason" - wouldn't it stand to reason that the person in question is living an unconscious life - at best? It seems to describe an adult deep in denial about their own intentions and with little or no self-reflection and no sense of their own ability to make choices. I echo these words... "Choice, choice, choice." Choices, we all have them, every moment of every day, we make them, unconsciously or consciously. It's your choice. If you were to release any judgement or guilt and just let yourself be OK with falling in or out of love- couldn't it then be OK to consider the fact that we have chosen to do so?

Here's PL:

Indeed, Shakamazar, if one has done the self-work necessary to become conscious of the movement of powerful forces like Eros through one's life on a day to day basis, one would be less likely to be "taken" by surprise by the shifts in such forces. The question often asked is: If you have done the self-work required so that you are willing to continue revealing yourself to yourself and to your love partner, and he or she is willing to do the same, shouldn't Eros last indefinitely?

The answer, according to the Guide of the Pathwork Guide lectures, is: Yes, but not necessarily.

Eros serves a purpose - to bring two incarnate souls together who have agreed to unite for a period of time for a specific purpose. Yes, it is true that by refusing to pursue the processes of self-revelation and discovery, one can prematurely bring Eros to an end, leaving a desired soul task incomplete.

That being said, however, if the self-revelation efforts continue in earnest between both parties, it still is possible that Eros may run its course before the lifetime has completed. Thus, the falling out of love experience.

In the later case, however, the ending would be mutually agreed upon in a state of love and harmony, not in anger or crashing disappointment, as is so often the case when the mission has been "aborted" through refusal to do the self-work. A couple who have stayed the course of self-revelation and discovery, but nonetheless have run out the course of Eros, will let go of their prior relationship with the love remaining. This can be an extraordinarily beautiful occurrence.

Thank you, Shakamazar, for your very thoughtful comment.

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