Check out the slew of angry replies I got to my comment on the Huffington Post about the problems with "Attachment Parenting" yesterday HERE, then read my response to the angry parent below:

"To all of the parents who responded to my comments about what I referred to as the 'Family Bed Syndrome' by telling me how clueless I am and how happy their kids are, I would inform you that it is from your kids that I receive my information. I have been working with your kids, many of them now adults, for 30+ years, and one of the diagnostic signs for how difficult the treatment process is going to be is when they start out telling me in the first session how 'close' they were to their parents in childhood, or how their mom or dad was their 'best friend,' or was the 'greatest person in the world,' etc. I learned this over the years from them. I didn't go into this profession with a bias against parents, and sorry, but it's not a coincidence that all of the angry responses I received were from said self-proclaimed 'great parents,' none from the 'happy kids,' though I'm sure you could cajole them to write in to support you.
Listen, I'm not implying that your intentions towards your children were malicious; I'm saying that what kids need more than anything else is for their parents to be self-actualized and fulfilled in their own outer lives, separate from their kids. Love and enmeshment are not the same thing."

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