An anonymous FPL reader left this comment on PL's post: "THE SCHIZOID CHARACTER STRUCTURE":
Enjoyed the article. I strongly relate to this state of being. My problem is wanting to change - I don't like it's effects but the nature of the condition blocks change. Leaving the world looks like a great option, rather than trying to ground into it. How can I want to change if the nature of the condition makes engaging the world appear so pathetic, pitiful and ignorant? I often think of humanity as quite pathetic. Of those who engage the world as ignorant, and the process of engaging the world as completely undesirable. I'd change if I could, but I'm quite powerless over this world view as it's been with me since the first months of birth - as you have suggested - and I believe, began before with a resistance to the act of incarnation itself.
And yes, I am a therapist and teacher who helps many connect with their spiritual side - but dealing with anything outside of this is painful and overwhelming."

Here's PL:

Thank you for sharing these very personal thoughts and feelings. As I said to the previous FPL reader who wrote in about the Psychopathic Character Structure, every person's personality has as its foundation a Higher Self that is not rooted in the defense mechanisms, limitations and confines of a character structure. That Higher Self is essentially who we are. 
Also, understand that while there may indeed have been some "last minute" resistance  in our descending soul when incarnating as a physical human being, the plan itself is always a highly conscious one that includes the tools we need to become self-actualized if we desire. 
The fact that you are engaged in helping others connect to their spiritual side, and the fact that you are writing to me, indicates some thread of a desire to change and grow on your part, and some level of knowingness that it is possible. It may require a fair amount of determined self-work to energize yourself in that direction, but as I frequently say to my patients, this is not a "wait-'till-the-end-to-get-your-reward" kind of process. Once you engage in an intensive healing process, mind-body-emotions-spirit, you can begin to reap the benefits immediately.
You don't sound like you have given up on these possibilities yet. Know that it is always a choice.

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