An FPL reader left this comment on PL's post: "THE PSYCHOPATHIC CHARACTER STRUCTURE": 

"I agree with the first part of this quote (below) but you make the psychopath sound like a good guy or 'Hero' and he is most definitely not. He may appear so with his carefully designed facade but there is no goodness or heroic intent involved."

'Just to clarify, 'psychopathic' is not synonymous with 'sociopathic'. While all sociopaths are psychopaths, not all psychopaths are sociopaths. In fact, many 'heroes' - cops, soldiers, politicians, CEO's and Captain Kirk-types - are psychopaths, in terms of their basic defensive structure." 

Here's PL's response:

Thank you for writing in. Note that the so-called "heroes" that I mentioned in my Psychopathic Character Structure chart, all have something in common - they are willing to lie, steal and/or kill for their cause or their side. That is what makes them psychopathic, regardless of how society reveres them or not. Also note that the psychopath, like every other character structure has a Higher Self underlying the distorted defensive structure, and therefore is always available to use an act of psychopathy for growth and some greater good.

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