Okay. Last time, in my FPL post - "HOW'S YOUR 5D EXPERIENCE GOING?" - I elaborated on the first "new rule" for 5D: "Murphy's Law is Officially reversed!" Today, I will speak more about new rule Number Two:

"Creating Your Reality From Your Ego and Emotions Is Obsolete!"

That's right. In 3D, if your ego deemed an event to be "good" (for its inflation), you experienced an emotional high and a feeling of victorious elevation in your personality; if the ego felt defeated, threatened or even just disappointed, you experienced melancholy, depression and feelings of failure or worthlessness in your personality self. If you even just worried in advance about possible future failure or disappointment, you could experience a case of the blues, or succumb to obsessive rumination. Conversely, if you fantasize in a desperate, wishful-thinking kind of way of an outcome where you come out on top, you might experience a hyper, adrenaline-fueled, idealized picture of your possible future, which could lead to an uncomfortable level of high anxiety as well, as that picture becomes the yard stick by which you are measuring yourself. In either case, those emotional states, high or low, would charge up your emotional body and your energy field, creating negative effects in your reality, whether you were the winner or loser in the dualistic game.

In 5D, you are creating your reality from the vibrations of your Higher Self, supported by and in collaboration with the human and universal collective. This is the 5D way of living. 

In 5th Dimensional consciousness, because you are aware that you are connected to everyone and to All That Is, and aware that when you are creating your reality it is the energy of All That Is and your Higher Self channeling through you, you are egoless, and therefore, not prone to excessive emotionality. You are in, as it is aptly called, "The Zone." In The Zone, there are no judgments, no excessive surges of adrenaline or anxiety. Dualism falls away. Antiquated notions like winning and losing, success or failure, give way to just experiencing your creations in the moment with fascination, excitement and harmony.

In 3D, when you create or achieve something, the inner and outer statements sound like this: 

"Look what I did! Look what I made! Aren't I wonderful?!" (Or... "Aren't I the biggest loser?!"

In 5D, the response to the creation experience is expressed more like this: 

"Look what came through me. Hmm." 

That "Hmm," by the way, is a tell-tale sign of 5th Dimensional consciousness. It expresses curiosity, interest, even fascination and delight, but there is no ego-investment or involvement.

So, I've been asked often lately: "How do I get to 5D, PL? What do I have to do?"

Well, as I said in the original 2013 FPL post - "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!" - if you're reading this, you're in 5D already. Yep. You made it! 

But... you may still be operating according to 3D rules, which puts you out of alignment with your actual vibrational reality and out of alignment with the collective reality you've chosen to participate in. So, your self-work now has to include not just clearing your emotional body of the effects of your old 3D beliefs and your ideas of your past, but most importantly, your self-work now must include practicing - regularly - the 5D principles for creating reality and the new rules of existence. Until these become fully integrated in your daily life and you achieve a comfortable clarity with the new reality, you will need to focus and invoke 5D consciousness... consciously. Clear yourself of extraneous thoughts and exaggerated feelings, breath deeply and simply say this: 

"I now shift to a line of reality where..."

You can do it... if you choose to.

More to come...

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