Wow! Last night I watched the explosive HBO documentary, "MEA MAXIMA CULPA: Silence in the House of God." I was both moved to tears and was left with my jaw hanging open, but not for why you might think.

I have been fully aware for a long time of the cycle of horrendous sexual abuse of children occurring within the confines of the secretive and corrupt Catholic Church, an endemic problem that was first noted by a cleric in the inner circle of the Vatican over 15 centuries ago! 

To a newcomer, yes, and to those who have been in denial, the information as documented by the HBO piece will be shocking. But what moved me so much was the 5th Dimensional storyline at work here, one that directly connects to the news yesterday  of the first resignation of a Pope in over 600 years! 

 In Mea Maxima Culpa, Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning filmmaker, documents a decades-old effort to protect and aid sexually predatory priests, a conspiracy that the film shows, snakes through every level of the Roman Catholic hierarchy including the current and past popes. The narrative is framed by the case of a priest being publicly accused of molestation — Father Lawrence Murphy of Milwaukee's St. John's School for the Deaf. There, we learn through the signed testimonials of four former pupils — Terry Kouhut, Gary Smith, Pat Kuehn and Arthur Budzinski — how the beloved priest systematically raped and abused more than 200 pupils during his unstoppable 24-year tenure.

What hit me like a ton of 5th Dimensional bricks was the idea that a handful of young deaf boys from the mid-west, now middle-aged adults, could take down the hierarchy of the most powerful institution of the Piscean Age, one that has defined male power for over 2,000 years. Four deaf guys versus the Pope and his megalithic Church... and the deaf guys win!

Now that's 5D!

You can watch Mea Maxima Culpa on HBO on Demand now. It's an eye-opener!

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