That's the title (Well, I added the 5D part.) of a blog post by Ann Brenoff on the Huffington Post. It's kind of a fluffy piece, but nonetheless, the sentiment is there. 

Here's an excerpt from Ann Brenoff:

"Think about it: More time to be with your family, your friends, take hikes, cook healthier food, sleep more, read more, think more, breath more. There's not a yoga class on the planet that can deliver what a 25-hour work week could."

I'm with you on that, Ann. 25 and out!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog post on FPL (on the same page as my "Joy of Quitting" post) that spun off from a FORTUNE Magazine cover story, entitled: "THE END OF THE JOB." The FORTUNE article was published in 1994. The lead into the Fortune piece started with this: 

"As a way of organizing work, it [the job] is a social artifact that has outlived its usefulness. Its demise confronts everyone with unfamiliar risks - and rich opportunities."

That quote came at a time that marked the beginning of many people starting to work as "consultants" and free-lancers, rather than salaried employees, a move that improved the lives of many working professionals and the profits of corporations. That was then, 18 years ago.

But... here's where Ann, just this week, goes off on an old 3D tangent:

"Yes, there would be less money to live on. It becomes a matter of learning to live on less. Fewer meals out. Fewer surfing trips to Hawaii. Community college for our kids...."

Wrong, Ann. At least wrong in 5D.

Working less in 5th Dimensional consciousness doesn't mean creating less or manifesting less. It means that the old energy of "working" - that tiring, stressed-out way of doing what we think we have to do in order to survive or be worthy and valuable in our world of relationships, regardless of whether or not said work gives us joy or not - that consciousness is not the prevailing motivation anymore. 

Working less in 5D can and does go hand in hand with prosperity and abundance... if you let itIt does not mean having less money or time or resources for your creative process. Not at all.

In Number 8 of the "TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING" series: "THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE TO HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!", I discussed the "physics" of creating abundance, or anything else for that matter, by directing consciousness. That's the way we've always done it, but now, we're doing it more consciously. It takes practice, but that can be part of the discovery process, and the fun.

So, work less, create and manifest more, folks. It's not a passive process, just a more directly creative one.

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Anonymous said...

i dont need no stinkin next job!


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