So, what kind of time have you been having so far in 5D? How have you been spending your time?

Well, if you're operating according to 5D principles, you are finding that you have an abundance of time and you are spending it liberally. In other words, time is no longer being experienced as something you can "run out of," "not have enough of" or have to "race against," as if it were an adversary. 5th Dimensionally speaking, time is more like a river you are swimming in, or a climate you inhabit, now. And much more than ever before, time is something you can "manipulate," meaning give yourself more of, slow down or speed up, stretch or shrink at will.

We've all had experiences with "bending" time. We say things like "time flies when you're having fun," for example, not quite realizing that it is in fact true that time moves faster when we are in a place of higher excitement. When we're in a creative "zone" or experiencing Eros, we'll "lose track of time," or experience "timelessness." Again, this is an actual reflection of our ability to "warp" time when we are vibrating at a higher frequency. Conversely, when engaged in an activity that is of a lower vibration, something that bores us or aggravates us, time slows down and "takes forever."

How 5D is different (see my previous post: "IT'S 2013! WHICH EARTH ARE YOU ON?!") is that can more readily manipulate time with conscious intention. We can now do what we've always been able to do unconsciously by directly invoking the 5D principles, in this case, #3: "Time isn't really real." To be more precise, of course, it's linear time that isn't so real any longer, that "one thing follows another in a certain rigid sequence" kind of time. Now, we can, with deliberateness, go from A to Z without having to go through the whole alphabet. We can still have a "process," that "going somewhere/having a journey" experience, but we can kind of skip the parts that don't intrigue us now.

I'll remind you again, folks, if you're reading this, you are in 5D. But... you may still be operating according to 3D rules, which puts you out of alignment with your actual vibrational reality and out of alignment with the collective reality you've chosen to participate in. So, your self-work now has to include not just clearing your emotional body of the effects of your old 3D beliefs and your ideas of your past, but very importantly, your self-work now must include practicing - regularly - the 5D principles for creating reality and the new rules of existence. Until these become fully integrated in your daily life and you achieve a comfortable clarity with the new reality, you will need to focus and invoke 5D consciousness... consciously. Clear yourself of extraneous thoughts and exaggerated feelings, breath deeply and simply say this when you wish to do a little time bending: 

"I now shift to a line of reality where..."

You can do it... if you choose to.

More to come...

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