Last spring I began my series, "The Truth About Everything," and one of the 10 Truths was entitled, "Nobody Needs You!" Well, I am discovering for myself that when it comes to politics and social evolution, nobody needs me!

When I began this blog in 2007, in addition to the psychological and metaphysical understandings that I wished to impart through FPL, I also used the blog as a forum for commenting on what was happening politically in the country as the energy was building up for the upcoming 2008 presidential contest that would eventually lead to the election of Barack Obama. By 2010, I pretty much stopped using FPL for that purpose, feeling called to devote my posts to the Wave leading up to the end of 2012 and the raising of consciousness as we approached the great transition of 2013 and beyond into 5D.

Well, I have a confession to make. I continued to indulge my fascination/attachment to things political by posting anonymously on the craigslist politics blog, a repository of very low vibrations indeed (I won't even put a link!).

At first, I thought I was offering an antidote or counterbalance to the very extreme mentality there. By the middle of last year, however, I realized that I was "hating war instead of loving peace," and (a.) not benefitting or changing anyone there, and (b.) that the endeavor was creating toxicity in me.

So, I created my own program of detoxification and consequently, I have not posted on said blog in well over 4 months.

Almost immediately after I stopped the posting on CL, two things happened: (1.) I began to see how - without my help - the energy of low vibrations and the forces of fear, hatred and general negativity were imploding with all due speed on their own in our society at large in 5D, and (2.) I freed up my energy to do more gratifying and creative writing at a vibration more aligned with my Higher Self. As a result, I finished an episode of the second season of City Rock, and started writing more extensively on my FPL blog and in my own personal journal much more.

Never underestimate the need to honor and protect your vibration and energy field, folks. Hating anything, battling anything, fuels and energizes the very thing you hate and battle, and keeps it glued to you. Embracing, accepting and loving everything does not mean that you have to engage in the lower self vibrations of others. It just is the truest, fastest, and basically only way to transform anything... by transforming yourself in love.

P.S. THIS was the headline of a news story in the NY Times yesterday by Frank Rich: "STOP BEATING A DEAD FOX" On the Huffington Post today it read: "FOX NEWS DYING!"


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Becki said...

What a great reminder! Thank you:)


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