3D was a dualistic dimension of good and bad, right and wrong, heros and villains. 

One of my heros in 3D was Mario Cuomo, who left the planet yesterday at the linear age of 82. He moved many with his lion-like authority and countenance, and, of course, his unequaled eloquence. He was the spokesperson in dualistic times for justice and the dignity of all, a concept not relevant in 5D, not needed where consciousness is connected to oneness.

Mario tortured many by refusing to run for president in the late 80'/early 90's, even though he was the front-runner on 2 occasions. He was not inclined towards that level of politicking, but neither was he wired for 5D consciousness. He did not come to take that trip on this planet.

Farewell for now, great warrior. And thank you.

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