"There is a new paradigm awakening, and we invite you to share in this magnificent shift! Here’s the invitation – rewrite the program of what you’re used to. The old energy is dying. It’s not going to shift into anything else; it’s simply going away and replacing itself with new energy commensurate with your creative abilities. 

You are going to have help. Instead of pushing against old energy, the wind will be at your back. The things that you try will work, if you drop the paradigm of expectation of failure. Start expecting success where for years you have not been able to accomplish what you desire, when following the passion in developing certain programs, writing the books, etc. You don’t know where the funding is going to come from; you don’t know who’s going to see it; you don’t know how to do it. So what?! Why don’t you call upon this energy that will create co-creation and synchronicity for you? Because you are intending it, you’re sending a signal, now, to places you don’t even know exist on this planet, in this energy, to work right with you and push it forward. 

You’re going to start having cooperation in places that you need it. You’ll think you’re having a supreme lucky streak, but that’s old energy talk for creating synchronicity. And what are these things that you can create? It varies. 

What did you come here for? 

Make your affirmations “I am” not “I want.” Look for change that is on your side, and push on doors you thought were closed forever, and don’t be surprised if there’s someone on the other side, unseen, opening the door as you push on it. If you push on something and it resists, stop pushing, but don’t stop pushing forever. Push on it again tomorrow, or next week, to see if the energy has changed. Wait for the door to come open. 

It will.


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