I missed the first five of Jon Stewart's 16 years on TV. I hadn't heard about him. So, I didn't start watching until 2004. After a while, though, as the Aughts progressed and the run-up to 5D accelerated, the Daily Show became the main current events source of information I that could actually tolerate.

As I realized that the world was shifting in a genuinely profound way, literally into 2 Earths, one remaining in 3D, one ascending into a higher dimension (Read more HERE), it became clear that the mainstream media, for the most part, both liberal and conservative, were staying behind.

By looking at events, and the media itself, with laughter and incessantly satirical  scrutiny, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart became a welcome aid to those who were waking up. Stewart served the coffee to many over the last decade.

And now, after a multitude of Emmys, and many career launches of cast members, he's leaving Comedy Central and the Daily Show. Thursday night, 8/6/15, was his last show. It makes sense. We don't need him anymore. If you're reading this, you're in 5D. 3D, and all of its linear, limited, dualistic confines, is no more, even though some hang onto the old rules or habits. And the ascension process to 5D is well underway (Read more HERE). No turning back. We made it.

So, Jon Stewart can move onto whatever the next task on his journey is.

Thanks, Jon. Have a great ride!

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