I've been a regular advocate of journal writing for many years. I included a section about it in my FPL book (Chapter 10, Part IV: "The Pen (Keyboard) is Mightier than the Sword (Pathology)."
From FPL:
Going all the way back to what we think of as prehistoric times, human beings have found meaning in drawing and writing, along with other forms of expressive art, such as painting, sculpting and creating music through crafted instruments and, of course, the human voice. These modes of self-expression, however, are much more than just recreational, not that recreating through creating (or creating through recreating) isn’t a worthy endeavor.
As an adjunctive practice to other bottom up processes in the tool box, I’ll often prescribe journal writing to those I see for therapy. Sometimes, this prescription is in the free-form style of the “morning pages” regimen, made famous by Julia Cameron, author of “The Writer’s Way;” I will also suggest journaling in a way that serves as a kind of follow-up to therapy sessions, particularly the chronicling of surfacing memories, dreams, thoughts and feelings stimulated by the sessions, and occasionally, I’ll propose take-home exercises

This is from an article in today's Daily Beast: How the Ancient Romans Dealt with Anxiety

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