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Here's Marianne Williamson:

"The spiritual renaissance can never be monopolized by any particular corner of the world, or any group or any religion, because it emerges from deep within the human heart. It’s the evolutionary impulse of our age. It’s a global and universal phenomenon. This Renaissance is real and it has not stopped; it’s just that it’s growth and, like all growth, it’s messy. I think it’s actually a sign of how successful and powerful it is that the forces of separateness and fear are putting up such resistance.
"Love brings up everything unlike itself, not only in our individual lives, but in the collective.
"We are living through what appears to be the death throes of an old paradigm. One world is passing away, and it’s completely up to us what world will be born now. The contest has begun, struggle has ensued, and the choice is ours: Which direction will humanity take from here?"

Here's the review of Full Permission Living:

Peter Loffredo’s book Full Permission Living is an interesting account of the journey from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness. From the preface: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that linear time, impenetrable matter, separation, limitation, aging, illness, and death are all illusions, that there are no coincidences, only synchronicities, that you create your own reality from your beliefs, that you exist, you always have and you always will, we are all one…” He goes on to say that love is the basis of “All That Is” and every line of reality you can imagine exists.

This play on the Declaration of Independence summarizes the book’s sentiment throughout. FPL is a guide book for self-improvement great for anybody in a therapist role working with clients, but it is also great for those individuals who are seekers. If you want to change towards happiness, this book will help you do so. But you have to work at it.

Written from the perspective of a psychotherapist, this book delves into aspects of psychology that might appeal to the individual learner. He discusses five character structures: schizoid, oral, masochistic, psychopathic, and rigid, and their psychological functions and therapeutic approaches along with more interesting information. If you like learning about psychology, and definitely different perspectives on it, give this book a read.

Among the different topics of the book is a part of the book called “The Run Up to 5D.” Loffredo gives us an analogy of a plane taking off to describe the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. The plane sitting there before it takes off is the third dimension, but when the plane starts moving really fast just before take-off, that is the run-up to 5D or the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension is the plane flying in the air, where we will reach full consciousness.

Loffredo on 5D: “Spontaneous remission of illness? Miraculous healing of a disease overnight? Regrowth of tissue and limbs? No longer even experiencing illness or disease or dismemberment in the first place?...” He goes on: “This is not fantasy, folks. This is the way that many, many entities, races and species, humanoid and not, in physical form and not, already live throughout our galaxy and the universe.”

With topics such as character structures, gut feelings, and the placebo effect, this will appeal to the learner. With topics devoted to consciousness and the fifth dimension, the spiritual seeker will definitely also learn from this book. In addition, the psychotherapist can learn about Loffredo’s approach to breaking character structures and finding happiness and consciousness.

Here's the link to buy the book:

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