Here's Margot's comment on "Normal Killers"

Just read your article on your blog about the killings at Illinois University. Good stuff.

It's painful that so many people are so afraid and/or out of touch with themselves that [as you mention] they can't bear to look at themselves as being where the problem might lie. Anything that has to do with strong emotion, whether it be anger, happiness or whatever, any strong emotion and they supress, look away, can't deal... "it must be the other person who has the problem." It makes me so sad and frustrated when I see something like what happened at Illinois U happen and all anyone can do is describe this kid in a positive light. And the only answer they can come up with is to put more police on campus and get rid of the "open" environment that makes a college campus fun and inviting. Lock all the doors! Batten down the hatches!

They describe him as "extremely respectful" to his teachers. Right there that sends up a red flag for me. What well balanced kid is "extremely respectful" to anyone? Anyone using the word "extremely" to describe anyone's behavior would make we wonder what's behind that. But if everyone is going along hiding behind their mask to begin with then I guess I could see how this could happen. I can see how people could describe him as well adjusted. How could anyone describe what sounds like a kid who's clearly over-compensating in a positive light unless they were hiding themselves?

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