PL's response to Rick's response

Thanks for the comments, Rick, thoughtful and thought-provoking, as usual.
I was mainly poking "fun" at the price the illusory "quick fixes" exact from us in so-called "side-effects."
I actually am totally with you on the need for the labelling and warnings, though I wasn't addressing that issue.
I haven't found any real evidence to support the claims that truly natural remedies when taken in proper doses produce any major side-effects comparable to those caused by synthetic, processed chemicals taken in just the prescribed doses. That being said, in our greed driven economic culture, the same forces - “the machine,” as you put it - do indeed invade the manufacturers of natural, as well as synthetic remedies.
In response to your question to the Wizard - "What should we do when our bodies need fixing?" - the Great andPowerful Oz says: "Have more sex, Tin Man!"
Finally, regarding your comment - "If one must quit, it can be understood if that action has consequences for only you and not others for whom you are responsible" - I can say that my experience tells me that whenever you leave a bad situation for a good reason, no one truly suffers unnecessarily, though they may indeed protest initially. I would add, though, that the quitting process can be done thoughtfully and with a proper process, or it can be done impulsively with a haphazard process, and that certainly makes for very different effects.
Thanks again, Rick!

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