PL's response to F.J.'s response:

Thanks for the comment, F.J. I'd say you're pretty clear on how you feel about the Huffington Post!
Just for the record, though, the story itself originated on the Associated Press newswire, not with the Huff Post, and the stats themselves on Americans in prison came from the Pew Research Center which is a nonpartisan "fact tank" that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It does not take positions on policy issues.
Oh, and for whatever it's worth, and I'm not too sure about that, the Huffington's have been divorced for over a decade, and although Congressman Huffington did indeed come out as gay in 1998, I couldn't find anything about him ever being in a closet with a boy. Interested to know your source on that one. I'm always interested in the truth.

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