Rick responds to PL's drug company riff, with a noogie thrown in on the joy of quitting!

I can’t figure out your point.

(Forgive me but blogs represent a foreign world to me and I am unsure of its culture. Go easy on me.)

Is this a rant against the machine like the ridiculous unfounded “truths” that are fed to us by the Republicans and Democrats? Or, is it a criticism of our dependency on quick fixes in all that we do?

Our litigious society mandates warnings, however mind-boggling, obvious or even unnecessary, from all manufacturers. We have all seen these warnings and realize how small the chances are of being affected by them. The drug companies have to do this.

Have you taken a look at the side of an extension ladder? It actually tells you not to place it on a loose pile of uneven dirt or rocks. For a kitchen mixer, it tells you not to put your hand in the bowl while the mixer is on. What about the “caution hot” writing on the top of a coffee lid? They are all there because people sued the company for not warning the consumer.

The problem lies in people. Instead of recognizing the obvious, act stupidly or are irresponsible, they sue a company for not telling them that if you drive with the lid of your hot coffee cup off, you can spill it causing 3rd degree burns. What about video games, movies and music “causing” fatal behaviors? Millions of dollars are spent trying to defend these ridiculous assertions. The result is that warnings, although some are predictable and dangerous, are oftentimes thin and do not outweigh the benefits.

Now, as with any stimulant, sedative or other medications most side affects are predictable. Look at herbal stimulants such as caffeine, ephedrine, and/or pseudoephedrine and the side affects would be just as alarming.

What about natural sedatives such as Valerian or Ginseng and their “severe” side affects.
How common are the side affects of the drugs mentioned in the original blog? How common are the side affects in the natural “drugs”?

Based on your calculus, people who have an illness or condition should not be “numb” and “dumb” and ignore the side affects, nor should they support “the machine” which by the way includes manufacturers of natural + synthetic remedies.

Oh Wizard of OZ! What should we do when our bodies need fixing?

By the way, if one must quit, it can be understood if that action has consequences for only you and not others for whom you are responsible. Thoughts?

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