"Caren" on PL's post on Obama

Wow! Check out this lovely e-mail I just received today.

"Hey Peter,
Long time, no speak and yet, as I follow your blogs, you are speaking to me. I want to thank you for sharing your heart and your thoughts with all of us on your list. I just read your post re: your sadness regarding the attacks on Barack Obama. I, like you, have been pretty much apolitical until this man came to my attention, and I am also moved to tears by him, especially after his historic speech in response to Rev. Wright's sermons.
"It is my personal belief that a large part of Barack Obama's effect on the people is not this 'cult-like hysteria' that that I've heard described, or the fact that 'he made a speech in 2002,' but that this particular soul just might be vibrating a little higher than most we've experienced in politics to date. What he stands for also sets him right on the front of the wave of an integral worldview, and I can only hope with all my heart that enough people are enlightened enough to make a difference and put this man in office. I am Canadian and can't vote in the US, but I have been contributing money to his campaign. As much as I respect Hillary Clinton, the day I watched her sarcastically mock Obama's message at a rally was a sad day. ( I was more than sad actually; I was fucking furious!)
"Anyhow, Peter. I know we are on the same page here about this. In his speech given from the Ebenezer Church in Atlanta about a month ago, he said that what this country really had a deficit of was 'empathy!' Amen."

Amen to you, Caren! And thanks!

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