More on Depression

In my last entry, I talked about how to see depression, and any characterologically caused symptoms and distress, as having an adaptive purpose from the big-picture perspective. Still, depression sucks! Here are a few thoughts by some experts on the human psyche and emotional life on how depending on illusions or focusing on negative outcomes can both lead to depression.

Alexander Lowen (creator of Bioenergetic therapy): “In a situation where one feels helpless to change or evade a threatening reality, recourse to illusion prevents the person from giving way to hopeless despair. As an illusion gains power it demands fulfillment, thereby forcing the individual into conflict with reality which leads to desperate behavior. To pursue the fulfillment of an illusion requires the sacrifice of good feelings in the present. In desperation, the person is willing to forgo pleasure and to hold life in abeyance in the hope that one’s illusion-come-true will remove the despair.”

Eva Broch (author of the Pathwork Guide lectures): “No illusion exists that can bring you harmony, peace and freedom.”

Jane Roberts (author of the Seth material): “Whenever you are trying to rid yourself of a dilemma, make sure that you do not concentrate your attention upon it instead. This acts to cut out other data, and to further intensify your focus upon your difficulty.”

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