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There is a lively debate going on at "The Love We Make" blog ( on the subject of drugs versus therapy. Worth checking it out. I would like to add this beautiful quote by Thomas Moore (author of Care of the Soul) for consideration:
"The Greeks told the story of the minotaur, the bull-headed flesh-eating man who lived in the center of the labyrinth. He was a threatening beast, and yet his name was Asterion - Star. I often think of this paradox as I sit with someone with tears in her eyes, searching for some way to deal with a death, a divorce, or a depression. It is a beast, this thing that stirs in the core of her being, but it is also the star of her innermost nature. We have to care for this suffering with extreme reverence so that, in our fear and anger at the beast, we do not overlook the star."


Editor said...
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Editor said...

Hi Peter, Thank you for including this Thomas Moore quote on your blog. It's one of my favourite on a CD of Moore reading from Care of the Soul. I think his philosophy also includes the idea of full permission living and that we take responsibility for crafting our lives. If you're interested in Moore's work, please vist Barque: Thomas Moore, at, a blog dedicated to his activities. It links to a free associated forum, you may wish to join.


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